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Property Overview
Property Overview
Property Overview

Property Overview

A waterfront community of four inspiring buildings, and one hugely inspiring view.

Gathered near Canada Place, and overlooking Vancouver’s beautiful waterfront, are a diverse and inspiring array of four historic and contemporary buildings. Welcome to Waterfront Properties, a mix of over 100 office and retail tenants, employing over 4,000 people. The Station, constructed in 1914, is the historic heart of the Properties—which has grown to include Granville Square, Waterfront Centre, and PricewaterhouseCoopers Place. Directly connected to one of North America's largest transportation hubs, Waterfront Properties offers restaurants, food court, shops, and services, plus direct underground connectors to Canada Place, the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre, and more.

Management Team

Photograph of Jesse Gregson

Jesse Gregson

General Manager

Photograph of Graham Morton

Graham Morton

Senior Operations Manager

Photograph of Elizabeth Espinosa

Elizabeth Espinosa

Senior Property Accountant

Photograph of Depinder Minhas

Depinder Minhas

Security and Life Safety Manager

Photograph of Nicole Hadden

Nicole Hadden

Tenant Relations Manager

Photograph of Rafael Ferrer

Rafael Ferrer

Fire and Life Safety Supervisor