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At Cadillac Fairview, green thinking has become an important part of our decision making process. It influences how we design and build new projects, upgrade and expand existing properties and manage the day-to-day operations across our portfolio. We recognize that sustainability principles drive our success and innovation, and have made it our priority to develop and execute one of the most comprehensive sustainability programs in the Canadian real estate industry.

For more information on Cadillac Fairview's sustainability program, please visit our corporate responsibility website.

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Green at Work® is Cadillac Fairview’s national sustainability program for building operations. Since its 2008 launch, we’ve applied leading global practices to integrate sustainability into our property management and operations.

Green at Work efforts focus on five pillars to reduce our environmental impact and enhance the value of our assets: Energy, Waste Management, Environmental Protection (land, air and water), Sustainable Procurement and Stakeholder Collaboration.

For more information on the Green at Work program and results, please visit our corporate responsibility website.

Environmental Sustainability

Green initiatives Green initiatives Green initiatives

Building Certifications and Awards

Green building certifications are a key priority for CF, serving as third-party verification of environmental performance, and a recognizable proof of alignment with our clients’ own sustainability goals and principles. CF and our property teams are honoured to have been recognized by numerous, independent third parties.

For a full list of Cadillac Fairview’s awards and building certifications, please visit our corporate responsibility website.

250 Yonge building image

250 Yonge

LEED DP 2016

1 Dundas West building image

1 Dundas West

Certificate Of Excellence 2015

20 Queen West building image

20 Queen West

3R Certification 2015

International (BOMA) TOBY 2015

BOMA 360 Certification 2016

LEED DP 2016

Recycling & Waste Management

CF Toronto Eaton Centre office properties operate a successful recycling program with a goal of recycling 95% of all office waste from landfill each year. It is mandatory for all occupants to recycle as much waste as possible. Small recycling (multi-material) boxes are provided free of charge for use under desk areas. Large recycling boxes are located in central locations throughout individual client offices. The cleaners are responsible for emptying the recycling boxes as required. If you have items too large to be put in a recycling box, please attach a recycle label to the material and the cleaners will remove it. Labels can be obtained by calling CF CONNECT at 1.800.665.1000.

CF Toronto Eaton Centre has both an Organic and Multi Material recycling programs in place with GFL. This program eliminates the need for waste baskets and redirects them to the recycling boxes and green organic containers. The general rule of thumb to follow is “If It’s Paper, Recycle It!”. There is no need to sort, remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands, plastic labels, or spiral bindings. We do, however, ask that you re-use large metal fasteners and binders. Our objective with the assistance of our clients at CF Toronto Eaton Centre is to achieve Zero Waste. Two streams consisting of organic and multi-material allows everything to be recycled or composted. This includes:

 Plastics Food waste  Wood / Metal  Toner cartridges  Carbon paper  Styrofoam  Binders  Metal drink containers  Glass containers  Food containers  FedEx envelopes  Bubble wrap  Plastic wrap  Used tissue/paper towels.

All waste is sorted at the GFL recycling plant. Please remember to flatten cardboard boxes for easier removal. Separate bottles and cans. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, it is important for you to let us know as soon as possible so that we can ensure you are provided with quality service. Service issues should be directed to the Tenant Relations Manager at 416.598.8639. For more information on recycling please click here.



Lake Ontario has always been an incomparable natural resource and with the help of Enwave’s expertise and innovation, Toronto’s downtown core and now 250 Yonge Street are directly benefiting from a game-changing process called Deep Lake Water Cooling (DLWC). The strategic collaboration between Enwave, the City of Toronto and various property owners has enabled the City’s downtown core to embrace an alternative to conventional, energy-intensive air conditioning. Enwave’s environmentally friendly and cost-effective DLWC is the world’s largest lake-source cooling system.

How does DLWC work?

Our winters can be cold, resulting in the surface water of Lake Ontario to drop to about 4° C. Chilling causes the density of water to increase, causing it to sink to the bottom of the lake. During the summer months, as surface water heats up, due to its lesser density, it remains at the surface. But regardless of how hot the summer, the deep water remains very cold, creating a permanent reservoir of cold water on the bottom of Lake Ontario. Going Deep and Cold “Enwave positioned three high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes along the natural slope of the lake bottom to pump water from a depth of 83 meters and transport it to the Toronto Island Filtration Plant. There, the cold water is processed, then directed to Enwave’s Energy Transfer Station at the city’s John Street Pumping Station. At this stage, heat exchangers facilitate an energy transfer between the cold lake water and Enwave’s closed chilled water supply loop. Once the energy transfer process is complete, the lake water continues on its path to the city’s potable water system. Only the coldness of the lake water is harnessed, rather than the water itself.” Cadillac Fairview’s Toronto-Dominion Centre has been an Enwave partner for over a decade and the benefits from cost to clean have been enormous. 250 Yonge Street is the first CF TEC office property to convert to Enwave’s DLWC.

The Benefits of partnering with Enwave:

• Enhanced environmental protection

• Improved energy efficiency

• Fuel flexibility

• Ease of operation and maintenance

• Unsurpassed reliability

• Comfort and convenience for customers

• Decreased life-cycle costs 

Enwave pipeline

For more information on the Enwave program please visit them at